Excerpts from Letters of Endorsement


“A public television program is an excellent way to tell the tale of the national park on San Francisco’s doorstep — and share the story of how the people of the Bay Area had the vision to save these places from development. You and your production team are absolutely the perfect fit for this project. I want you to know that you have our full support.”

Greg Moore
Executive Director, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

~ ~ ~

“I’m delighted that you may get the opportunity to tell the story of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area on television and in other media to local, national and international audiences in time for the GGNRA’s 40th birthday. As you know,  I’ve had the privilege to be deeply involved in the creation of the GGNRA and actively engaged in its evolution ever since. The tale of this landmark National Park in an urban area, one of the first two in the nation, can serve as an inspiration in many ways to many people here and around the world.  I know you will do justice to the story, and I look forward to working with you throughout the planning and production process.”

Amy Meyer
Co-Founder, People for a Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Author,  “New Guardians of the Golden Gate”

~ ~ ~

“The country loves it’s national parks and Ken Burns did a wonderful job in showcasing the very best of them and how important they are. I think there is a missing piece however, people need to see how parks affect them personally especially parks in urban areas like the GGNRA. At the Presidio, we are just in the planning stage for a new visitor center and it would be wonderful to show all or part of a documentary about the Presidio and its amazing history to the thousands of visitors who come every year.

I know I speak for the boards of the Presidio Trust and Conservancy when I say how excited we are about the great possibilities in the project that Doug and Carl are describing. Doug has been a great friend of the parks for many years and we love his work.

My sincere endorsement of the concept.”

Charlene Harvey
Board Member, Presidio Trust
Past Chair, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and KQED

~ ~ ~

“Doug’s and Carl’s vision to meld the story told by Ken Burns with the story of Golden Gate is an important undertaking.  It is a story of vision and caring, a story of partnership between governments and their people, a story whose outcome is not yet fully known…because it is still evolving.  The Golden Gate story is not only important to the San Francisco Bay Area, it is equally important to the rest of the nation and to other countries, anywhere where people are working to enrich their surroundings and their opportunities for wide ranging experiences that nurture their bodies and souls.

This project also fits succinctly into the work that the current National Park Service Director is engaged in to connect all Americans to their parks, and to expand the value of the parks in education, health, and civics.  Nowhere illustrates these opportunities as fully as does Golden Gate.

The story is exciting, a rich tapestry of place and opportunity, of people and land.  Telling it is of critical importance to our people everywhere.

As a nearly 40-year careerist in the National Park Service with service as Deputy Director in Washington, DC, Regional Director of the Pacific West Region, and as a current member of the Board of Directors of the Presidio Trust, I cannot overstate my support for this proposal, or my confidence in Doug and Carl to do it right.”

John Reynolds

~ ~ ~

“Please know that the National Park Service supports the film project and will make our staff and locations available to your production team.  Thank you for your continued interest in this special park.”

Frank Dean
General Superintendent, Golden Gate National Recreation Area

~ ~ ~

“I am writing to express my strongest support for Doug McConnell’s and Carl Bidleman’s project on the history, relevance and impact of the GGNRA.  I think it is an extraordinary opportunity to create a new understanding of modern parks and their essential role in both reconnecting people to nature and restoring nature in a functioning landscape across urban boundaries.  GGNRA sets a precedent as well as a model.  It’s scale, proximity and interweaving of natural and urban areas; its multicultural constituency both human and natural (be it the geology, the sweep from deep marine to mountain systems, the range of species here is amazing). GGNRA captures both the historic and modern challenges and opportunities of national parks in a way that no other park does.

Capturing GGNRA’s story on film in a cogent, compelling and compact way is a huge challenge and will have enormous impact. I can think of no-one more capable of rising successfully to this challenge and having that impact than Doug and Carl.”

Laurie Wayburn
Co-Founder, Co-CEO and President, Pacific Forest Trust

~ ~ ~

KQED is delighted to be working with you again to develop your next series for public television, SAVING THE GOLDEN GATE. KQED’s longstanding partnership with you has resulted in Open Road with Doug McConnell— a very successful national presentation and local series on KQED. My editorial colleagues and I are very much looking forward to presenting your new program next year.

My colleagues and I look forward to seeing the completion of the series based on the treatment you have shared with us. Based on work we have seen thus far and the experience of your team, we would expect this series to meet the high standards required for broadcast on PBS and would be pleased to represent the  series as a presenting station. Carriage decisions are, of course, always subject to final review by our programming team for content and are dependent on the public broadcasting guidelines.

Suzanne Romaine
Former Director, KQED Presents
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