From the Archives — President Nixon’s Visit

Hard to imagine in today’s politically polarized climate, but it was bi-partisan support that led to the creation of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  President Richard Nixon supported legislation that created it and signed it into law on October 27, 1972.  The National Archives has this film of the President taking a first-hand look.   (This is going to be a GREAT story to tell!) ~ Carl Bidleman

This from the Archive Summary:   First Footage, 175′. President Nixon visited the proposed Golden Gate National Recreation Area to urge swift congressional action for passage of bill informally identified as “Gateway West.” VS, President Nixon, Secretary of Interior Rogers Morton, Frank Borman (ex Astronaut), Dr Henry Kissinger and Paul Ziegler talk at rail of ferryboat under way in bay. VS, Patricia Nixon Cox and husband talk to reporter. VS, President and Mrs Nixon descend gangplank followed by entourage. VS, President and Mrs Nixon walk along, shake hands and speak to people. President and Mrs Nixon get into car and motorcade drives off. VS, members of the news media and spectators. VS, President, Mrs. Nixon and Secretary Morton aboard ferry under way in bay. Golden Gate Bridge in bg. Several unidentified people join group and they pose for pictures.

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